Buck Rogers Is My Life Coach Episode 3

Buck teaches us all the dangers of gambling and Space Draculas. 


It's a hoot and a goddamned half!


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Raging Titter Radio: Mixtape

Minimal Star Wars, Maximum Music.


Beer: Schlitz


Highway 71: The Beans

Vigilante: Josh Tarp and the Still

Distance: Lion's Mouth

Something in the Weather: Sarah Dashew

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Buck Rogers Is My Life Coach Podcast

Jack Palance shows up in the episode along with Rumple Schleppskin!

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Buck Rogers Is My Life Coach

First Episode discussing Pilot/Feature Film of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century!

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Farmer Done Died

Finnegan's: Stout: Dead Irish Poet

Celebrity Bear Attacks

It's okay to be okay.

Song: The Wisers: Get Low 

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These Conversations Kill

Stone Brewing Company: Double IPA: Ruination

Drunk Super Heroes of Twitter...UNITE!

...I don't like that.

Song: Almost Young: The Sounds We Hear


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Those Golden Dreams

This is it. This is the month. This is the week. This is the day. This is the Halloween I'm releasing the somewhat awaited 50 Shades of Grey Watchalong. 


Watchalong ~

I watch the movie in less time than it would take you. But you can still talk about it if and when you have no other choice.

So listen to it. It's like a roller coaster in slow motion.

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Flip Movie Episode 5: Quills

This week, after many months, we discuss Geoffrey Rush's collection of artisan dildos and Joaquin Phoenix's short game. It's the less than classic movie Quills on Flip Movie. 

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Flip Movie: Episode 4

TOM CRUISE!!!!!! This week we take a good long look at Vanilla Sky from 2001. The differences between film, cinema, and movie become apparent.

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Flip Movie Episode 3

Episode 3! This week we go over the perennial movie snob classic, Being John Malkovich from 1999.

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